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  • Ankle & Foot Center


    Central Florida Groundbreaking!

  • Ankle & Foot Center of Central Florida Groundbreaking
  • July 2019

    Monthly Business Luncheon

    Tom Terry & J Scott Berry

  • July 2019 Monthly Business Luncheon- Tom Terry & J Scott Berry
  •    July 2019
      Monthly Business Luncheon

    Sponsored by Electrical Works

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  • Welcome To The Tavares Chamber Of Commerce!


    Located in the heart of the Tavares Waterfront Entertainment District (Downtown), your Tavares Chamber of Commerce is the hub for what's going on in this Seaplane City. Explore our website or call our office to learn about local communities, how to engage in business, or how to secure your participation in upcoming events. There is always something for everyone in America's Seaplane City ~ Tavares!

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    The Mission of the Tavares Chamber of Commerce is to enhance and develop stronger bonding among businesses, the government, educational services and the community, through positive programs and events that fosters business growth and lifetime residency.