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  • Member Trustees Program

  • The Tavares Chamber of Commerce is committed to the organization by ensuring the Chamber's success in its community - through the building of missions to help create an environment where businesses and communities thrive and prosper. Collectively they are known as Chamber Member Trustees.

    This innovative membership category continues to evolve and is designed to meet the Chamber's short and long term financial needs by supporting current operations while building resources for the future. One result is that Chamber staff and volunteer efforts can be devoted to a broader range of programs that make a real difference to our members and the community.

    The Chamber Trustees' support and vision will be seen in all that we do. In recognition of their important contribution to the Chamber, Trustees receive visibility throughout the year in a range of sponsorships, programs and services.

    We highly appreciate how Trustees help the Chamber succeed and believe you will find that this increased level of involvement and visibility within the Chamber, helps our Trustees to achieve their organizational goals as well. 

    Contact the Tavares Chamber for more information on how you can become a Trustee!

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    The Mission of the Tavares Chamber of Commerce is to enhance and develop stronger bonding among businesses, the government, educational services and the community, through positive programs and events that fosters business growth and lifetime residency.