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  • 8 Tips for Artists on How to Get Discovered and Be Successful

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    The rise of the internet has provided creative professionals with a whole new medium to promote and make a living from their art. But given the sheer amount of individuals using the internet, especially social platforms, the competition is immense. However, whether you’re an author, crafter, or any other type of artist, there’s no need to fret, as this article by the Tavares Chamber of Commerce explores numerous ways to get your work in front of the right people, get discovered, and make a living from your passion.

    1. Create a Good Website


    Designing a good website should be your first priority, as it is the best platform to showcase your work, make sales, and collect inquiries for commission. Additionally, it helps to make a strong first impression on potential clients that can translate into long-term relationships, as reported by Anita Louise Art. 

    1. Get Active on Social Media


    Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the go-to places to share your work with the world. As a new account, your goal will be to post as frequently as possible and make use of trending hashtags that will capture people's attention and make them want to follow you. Additionally, create diverse content such as images, videos, stories, and more. Out of these, videos will provide the highest reach and engagement, so try to create as much video content as possible, advises HubSpot.

    1. Seek Out Collaborations 


    Teaming up with other artists or brands (whether big or small) will help expose your work to new audiences and open up opportunities for joint ventures and cross-promotional activities. Along with pre-recorded content, consider doing live collaborations. On social media platforms such as Instagram, going live will automatically notify all your followers, increasing the chances of having a high viewership count.

    1. Become a Contributor


    Contributing articles to publications related to your field is a great way to establish yourself as an expert. Not only will this help promote your work, but it will also help you build important relationships with editors and other writers for future contributor opportunities. Additionally, you can include links to your website and social media handles to increase brand awareness regarding your art.

    1. Participate in Online and Offline Competitions


    One simple search on Google will provide a list of writing competitions for you to participate in. While winning prize money is great, participating in competitions can help to establish yourself as an artist in the community. Doing well in multiple competitions is bound to catch the eyes of small to medium-level sponsors who may then reach out for collaboration deals or hire you for projects.  

    1. Apply to Work with Businesses


    Along with building a personal brand on social media, seek to gain industry experience by working with established companies. For example, working in a local publication as a writer is not only a great experience, but your content may even be used in publications for customers! Highlighting these achievements on social media will only build your brand further.

    1. Update Your Resume


    If you plan to apply for jobs or participate in competitions, having a good resume is important. In your resume, focus on highlighting your strengths, work experience, and all extracurricular activities (participation in past competitions, etc.). To keep the resume-editing process easy and simple, always save your resume as a PDF. You can use a tool that lets you edit PDF files online any time you want to add relevant experience — it’s a good idea to do this regularly so you always have an up-to-date resume.

    1. Bonus Tip: Establish an LLC


    Selling products as a sole proprietor means you’ll have to bear unlimited liability for business-related debts. The better option is to work with a formation service and establish a limited liability company (LLC), as it provides the benefits of limited legal liability and tax write-offs. Here is a resource to help learn more about how to start an LLC.


    Making a living as a creative professional can be tough but not impossible! By following the above-mentioned best practices, such as creating a website, keeping an updated resume, being active on social media, and more, you'll be well on your way to getting discovered and making a name for yourself in the industry.


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